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It is REQUIRED by our company to do a minimum of 20 credit hours in service every year. 

The Bloodborne Pathogen and Infection Control in the Home quizzes must be taken every year.

Please do not retake previously taken In-Services

(There is a document below called: "Employee In-Service Scores")

 to show what quizzes you have already taken, just find your Last name and click on it).


In addition to the In-Services, we are required to take the HIPAA certification (and Understanding Covidvirus) every 2 years.

How to do that, username and password, and web page link are below.

There are 10 categories of In-Services to choose from: 

(Click on the name to go to that Category)


You can click on the button below to see all the in-services we have

To pull up the reading material, click on the title of the In-service modules you would like to read/take. The Reading portion (including its quiz) will show up in a different window (as a PDF) for easy reference while taking the online test. You have the option of printing off the reading portion with its quiz for your record and to use to take the online quiz. Click on the

To do the quiz online click on the white button labeled "Online Quiz" (it is located below the title of the

In-service) and click on the answer you choose.

Make sure you put today's date in the date box or you will have to re-submit the quiz with the correct date.  

At the end of the quiz, click submit. A box will appear thanking you for submitting the form.

IF it does not appear then something on your quiz that must be filled out was left blank. Double-check to make sure everything with a red "*" has been filled out (most of the time it is the date or one of the questions).


You will get an email from the office with the quiz attached and letting you know what you made the same day or the next business day.

You must make at least an 80% on the quiz or you will have to retake it. Please read everything and take your time. 



Employee In-Service Scores
To find your QUIZ REPORT faster please click on the button coinciding with the first letter of your last name.


Employee Quiz Reports

In-Services Modules

Renew every year

Renew every 2 years

Complete "CPR / AED / First-Aid" Only have to pay for test after you pass. Contact office for any questions.

User Name: homecarespecialist's

   Password: hippa123

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