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cAREWHEN and Telephony Training 

Below are links for CareWhen App downloads for either Google or Apple Devices. If you have any trouble call the office at 828-349-9500.

Next are videos on how to use the Mobile App.

If you are having trouble with GPS or the app is telling you that you are over X amount of yards and you are inside the client's house please get your GPS coordinates (one will be a positive number and the second one will be a negative number) and send the numbers to the office (Call, email, text, message).


Below is a document to help you find the Information.

If you are at a Clients home and are unable to use the CareWhen App please use the Telephany system with the Clients phone. By using the Clients phone it is like the electric their electric signature. More is explained in the Telephany Directions Box located below next to the Task List.

Should you have any trouble with the app:

1) Take a screenshot and a description of what is happening.

2) Then send it to the office ASAP so the issue can be resolved.

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